Micropigmentation and corrective treatment to hide imperfections as scars, O well, camouflaging diseases that cause loss of skin pigmentation, as it can happen in the case of vitiligo or depigmentation of the skin. They are considered paramedical micropigmentation techniques.

more frequent corrections:micropigmentacion-nipple-breast

  • camouflage scars increase, reduction or breast lift.
  • camouflage scars accidental injury.
  • Loss of color on lips by sutures and surgeries.
  • capillary reconstruction of baldness (alopecia partial) due to accidents.
  • reconstruction mammary areolas after mastectomies.
  • Camuiflaje periareolar scars.
  • Color recovery depigmentation diseases such as vitiligo.

Paramedical micropigmentation improves self-esteem of the person by killing off or camouflage the scar that normally is not only unsightly but it brings back memories of bad experiences.

The price depends on the extent and difficulty of the area pigmentar. Some areas have a standardized price and other budgeted based on the extent of injury to camouflage.