We are a team of lovers drawing, he tattoo and things done with rigor. We have a solid training techniques epidermal pigmentation constantly renewed and apply the maximum health guarantees minutely. Always the best for you, We never forget that.

If you need to listen level professionals advise you and really, come to see us. The studio has a space where you will be comfortable while you do the skin your dreams come true.

We have two fully equipped rooms:


When you visit you'll meet a team of very human people at your service. Our study is a meeting between you and our professionals where you will explain your idea and we'll help you get.

We love our work and that ... SE NOTE

Come with your questions, It is always a pleasure to see you again. If you stay with us Super! And if not next time, of course always, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR WELCOME. We believe in freedom of choice and inform you without obligation or pressure of any kind. Professional Ethics First.

In this small study great things happen.