I have 65 years and… I'm buenísim @

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I have more than 65 years and I love taking care!

If these can be your words, this is your tattoo studio!


We take care of the elderly, because they are the cane and we have been waiting a loooong time, And what remains!. That deserves an award.

Like being arranged / or and always be perfectly divin @. Come and see us you're here for a 30% discount on all our services.

Yes sir, a 30%! in micropigmentación, tattoo, eyelash extensions, microblading etc…

Your eyebrows are depopulated and would like also were slightly higher. You want to get a tattoo of your name 29 grandchildren, you go to a wedding and want to have a lovely big eyes with eyelashes film, You have a scar that years ago you want to delete… We have many techniques to make changes in your beauty and make you feel “divin @ Death”. Call!

We like the '50 Cadillac…you are one of them?


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