Our ritual BBGlow with Stayve

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Glow BB Stayve offers treatment products Korea have a very special effect with exceptional quality. So in La Rubia Tattoo we choose them for our ritual BBGlow.
Beauty offer immediate and long-term coverage without overstimulate the skin. It is a potent ritual with ingredients such as niacinamide offering improvements in treating epidermal wrinkles and other skin conditions. Color serum illuminates the skin and provides a moisturizing effect and soft glow throughout the procedure.

This ritual is offered unisex, so both women and men can benefit from it.

The Stayve products together with our protocols help illuminate the skin and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and will give an effect of greater turgidity. The results are often instantaneous but also will improve over time and gradually the skin quality wins over the days after treatment, actualemente is considered one of the best antiaging minimally invasive treatments.

The ritual BBGlow and Stayve products are brand new to the Spanish consumer. Nevertheless, already existed for some time in Korea and throughout Asia showing that it is safe and effective.


What can we expect from this ritual?

Glow treatment BB is a semi-permanent makeup method that allows the customer to achieve a shiny skin, minimizing radiant and pores after 2-3 sessions and the effect will last in time. Is a safe treatment for skin that can help reduce the appearance of spots, arruguitas and unify skin tone. Epidermal texture is improved overall. Each person reacts differently, so we can encintrarnos clients that fine wrinkles have disappeared at its third session as other customers who have noticed improvement in other terms and uniformity of color or finer pores. Each skin responds differentially given its nature.

The Bbglow is also an excellent treatment for dry skin or cAcne icatrices, with notable improvements in these textures has quickly risen as one of the best therapies valued in the beauty market.

La Rubia Tattoo all starts with basic hygiene, asepsis and an ultrasonic peeling (Included in the price) to prepare the skin for BBGlow. Then we apply a fast micronedling with hyaluronic acid to hydrate in depth. Then the BBglow technique applies also micronedling but longer and smoothness as the previous step. we thus enter the serum color with active Stayve gradually throughout the facial epidermis. Finally we apply a soothing mask vasoconstrictor effect and also helps to remove excess product.

The whole process will explain to you step by step through our technician.

The duration is approximately 1 hour and half.


How long the effect BBGlow ?

With the proper amount of treatments and Aftercare, the results may continue to 1 year, You can vary greatly from one person to another. Like many procedures within the world of beauty, Glow BB results are cumulative. That is to say, With treatment, you will notice that the result lasts longer and require fewer treatments. So that we understand works “layer upon layer” and with each new ritual we get an improvement over what was achieved in the previous treatment. Our skin increasingly beautiful.


How many need BBGlow?

Most people are at least two treatments the BB Glow to achieve the desired result but changes in almost everyone already be seen from the first session. This varies depending on skin care you are usually applied. But most of our customers want to appreciate their improvement then add 4-5 more treatments.

We offer packs 3 sessions and individual sessions. You can do every ritual monthly until the number you want.


What are you waiting to try it? Call us if you have questions or want to make an appointment at the tel. 662295146, We love help.


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