Micropigmentation and / or microblading eyebrow hair and stop hair make them up every day.eyebrow-2

  • Corrected asymmetries.
  • Returns the density eyebrows alopecias partial or total.
  • camouflages scars.
  • Mdl redraws eyebrows plucked.
  • Frames look so natural.
  • Look Intensifies.
  • Effect antiaging, rejuvenates your expression.
  • Appearance impeccable every day without make them up.
  • higher density.
  • Better way.



The technique applied in the Tattoo Blonde hair is hair and pigments are customized so that the result is a super natural and flattering eyebrow.

The process of micropigmentation and eyebrow microblading

Both eyebrow micropigmentation hair hair like microblading start with a first exchange of views with the client with which the expectations are clear, what you hope to achieve, from here it makes it a visagism (study of facial harmony) and it proposes a design. Uns Once the client is under the application of pigments begins, I drawing eyebrow hair by hair.

The application may be performed under topical anesthesia.

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Our team answers your questions even after treatment if any doubt arises you respect.

After a month, the result is valued and, if required, improvement session applies. This second session is scheduled in the process and has no additional cost.

In men recommend 3D microblading eyebrows, read more at this link.

Result and permanence, micropigmentación versus microblading. Duration vs maximum naturalness


Staying in the skin of an eyebrow micropigmetación are among 2 Y 4 years.

The result is natural, your friends will look better but will not know how to say what you've done.

The improvement is immediate and after the session can make normal life. Per month is made, if it is necessary, a review to improve cuanquier detail.

Microblading, 3D eyebrows

The result of a microblading or 3D eyebrows lasts about two years still advisable to run through the year to keep it perfect.

The result is ultra-natural, the eyebrow hair is the finest you can get and, Thus, the most natural also.

The result is beautiful and detailed from the outset, and the second session of improvement after one month is given for work completed.