What we do with our tattoo freshly made?Flyer on healing tattoos

Each professional will recommend a cure procediemiento, most agree on the basics: hygiene and protection. We also indicate the best cream for your tattoo or micropigmentation. There are many brands on the market with notable differences, with Solar protection, vegans, natural components, antiseptic and healing or a sum of several of these have características.También specific soaps and special protective bandages.

Crema de curación de tattoo y micropigmentación
Natural composition 100%, Antiseptica, healing, soothing and protective.

It is advisable to follow Professional advice for good healing. Remember that we want our work to heal perfectly smooth and back, shared by all good professional interests. We care our customers.

The healing of your tattoo

The first days are key to good healing of your tattoo, Special attention these days. Protégelo del sol (We have specific protective tattoo), do not sweat in gyms or saunas and follow the hygienic steps that we explain. If you're going to expose dirt (professional kitchens, dusty environments, sand etc) properly cúbrelo.

Professional after working your skin will protect you and, depending on the area, However, this con la movie. Leave this protection three hours and then removed the bandage, wash the area with specific and mild soap and water dry gently with paper towels for single use without scratching the area, small touches. Once clean healing cream applied. you come back no longer cover the tattoo, let the air without clothes or shoes rubbing him and protected with cream.

The cream should not be applied in excessive amounts, yes as often as necessary throughout the day. Spread the cream well facilitate the oxygenation of your skin and will not waste product. Your tattoo will heal better protected and not spend money more.

You wash the area four times a day the way you just explained until the skin completely heal and recover texture when it was intact.


A tattoo is an erosion in the skin, lovely decor, but until it closes may be susceptible to infection if proper hygiene is not maintained. You have invested time, money and patience Is it worthwhile to care?

A good cure depends largely the result of our work. Please, watch your tattoo, well you take care of you and respect the artist's work.

How to treat your tattoo tattoo until it heals completely and then.

As for summer care read this article and you have clear all year.

If your tattoo pica, you do not scratch, you apply cream and relieve. Keep hydrated. If discomfort persists, consult your doctor.

Starts the pielecitas not occurring during healing, let your skin is renewed without mistreating.

You can take a shower normally but the tatauada or micropigmentada area should be treated with love:

  • Use a specific soap, neutral, soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Tattooed not dry the part with the usual towel. The bath towels are used more than once so you are never completely clean, they can leave traces of lint on your tattoo, and can catch on your skin pielecitas pulling and tearing small pieces of skin.
  • Dry the area with paper throwaway.