Proveedor registrado BodaMás, El Corte Inglés.Everything is so complicated wedding day!


And before you had to prepare, with more or less help, ultimately the bride and groom are those typically eat most of the “pastel”. But we are not unjust, godparents also meet with a good mess. So we have this section, BRIDES SPECIAL is titled although it is actually a small homage to all those sufferers that enable them finally come to the altar, etc council without being uncombed hair and one with a smile, and can celebrate afterwards too so. For them and for them, for all couples who love and want to look great. Read this article on tattoos and girlfriends, it will like you.

We will work a bit in this case. Let's put it simple for everyone. How?

The makeup

Todo maquillaje permanente

Your makeup can be permanent and natural at the same time. Forget for photos touch up the lipstick or eyeliner after filling the cheeks of all your relatives kissing. Micropigmentation lips and forget rolls, to enjoy!

Do not forget your eyebrows! Beautiful eyes without good eyebrows that framed and give expression are like a summer without sun. 3D MIcroblading eyebrows or micropigmentation and takes full advantage of the photo shoot. And not only for the bride, also for the groom, microblading for him.

Any crybaby? It is quite common, the micropigmentado eyeliner and eyelash extensions are the solution. You will be divine if the wedding is under the sea.

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His head

Micropigmentación capilar

Do you have little hair? You're always shaven? Micropigmentation capillary reconstructs the root of your hair to give a perfectly natural effect to your desidad “mane”.

You may have a small bald head when you were a gizmo to 5 years, We can cover it with micropigmentation.

You need a bit of eyebrow, we will rebuild with the microblading.

So in your photos with your partner¡¯s come out perfect!

All micro alopecia

irregularities epidérdicas

happy micropigmentación

If you have a scar that you do not like and you want to delete or hide, come see us and know that you have options. We seek a natural solution and you favor. paramedical micropigmentation at your service. Scarring eyebrows, lips, head, arms etc.…

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Tattoos couple

Tatuajes en pareja
Photo: Xiuying

You want it for life…What's better than a tattoo that symbolizes and I remember that day?

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Promotional Packages

Save of 60 a 380€


  • Lip micropigmentation + microblading eyebrows = 10% discount. of total
  • micro lips + microblading eyebrows + micro eyeliner= 15% Dto. of total
  • Two tattoos couple = 10% Dto. of total
  • micro capillary + microblading eyebrows = 10% Dto. of total
  • SUPER PACK 1: 3D Microblading eyebrows + Russian volume eyelash extension + micropigmentation lips + micropigmentación eyeliner superior = 20% Discount on the total (€ 196 savings rate 2016)
  • SUPER PACK 2: 2 3D Microbladings eyebrows + Russian volume eyelash extension + micropigmentation lips + microcapilar + micropigmentación eyeliner superior e inferior = 25% Discount on the total (saving approx. € 380 fee 2016)


Order to benefit from these promotional offers total payment must meet after the first treatment which will apply the full discount. Want to pay each treatment separately (in the case of sessions that take place in different days) the total discount promotional package in question shall apply to the payment of the last treatment.