Eyebrow extensions

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Eyebrow extensions are the newest technique to look perfect eyebrows and ultranaturales.

If you want real hair on your eyebrows and a beautiful form, You should try it!

See how it Works.

First the design is done to improve your eyebrow hairs and then apply as many as are necessary to build the whole area. pelitos used one to one that stick to your skin and your real hair with a hypoallergenic adhesive designed especially for this technique.

We use the color that best fits you, blondes have extensions, chestnuts and brunettes.

You have beautiful eyebrows in a matter of an hour or an hour and a half, depending on the amount of hair needed.

The duration of these hairs usually about two weeks.

You can smoothly showering them from the 24 early.

It is a good alternative if you are not interested micropigmentation or microblading or want to supplement it with more hair. It is also a good alternative for those who do not have eyebrows even taking a way that favors them or are sparsely populated hair.

For a time event also, to come out perfect in the photos are great. Can you imagine this new year with some tremendous ojazos with beautiful eyebrows!!

Lashes and eyebrow hair by hair
Our client in the photo wearing eyelash extensions Russian volume and eyebrow hair extensions bareback

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