You have colorless lips, or the poorly defined profile?

Would you like to give them more volume with a color effect antiaging?. Micropigmentation offers the solution. Tattoo La Rubia use the best pigments for the result to be super natural.

Micropigmentation with quality and safety. Our study is the health Registry issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya, It offers comprehensive information and specialized personnel.lips-22

This technique is full of advantages, explained in a simple manner, the introduction of pigments (color) skin to get different aesthetic effects enhancement and / or correction of the treatment area. It is performed under topical anesthesia and done a previously visagism (study of facial harmony) and an exchange of views with the / the client / e to realize the desired aesthetic improvement. The length of treatment vary with the area, professional and complexity of each case. Anyway the micropigmentation technician will evaluate us and explain the procedure clearly before starting work.


It allows you to have a look and healthy care 24 hours a day unretouched.

corrects imperfections; Asymmetries in lips, lack of color and scars of different índole.Podemos vary the contour to make it wider always within the limits set by each client facial harmony and well, get a look more full and sensual lips. in eyebrows, proposing another example, we can get an antiaging effect raising the natural arch.

You can choose very natural looks, current techniques and materials permit.

Long duration. Permanence varies depending on factors such as biology itself, sun exposure, area, the color chosen etc.. but the duration is usually 2 to 4 years.

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