The most natural method of drawing an eyebrow semi-permanently.

He eyebrow microblading gets a natural effect absolutamnete also called 3D eyebrows.

It is suitable for both men and women but in men is especially recommended for hyper-realistic effect achieved. Alopecia in eyebrows is very common and has a solution. A dense and well drawn eyebrows deepened eye appeal.

The microblading is a manual method of inserting micro-pigments in the skin:3D microblading eyebrows

  • Recover the appearance of capillary density in the eyebrow
  • Partial fill scars alopecias
  • correct asymmetries
  • complete reconstruction.
  • Maintain an ultra-natural aspect of the eyebrow.

3D microblading eyebrows

This technique achieves the ultra-thin design of each hair, actual costs as they often differentiate natural hair. It is done with the hand ultrafine needles, no micropigmentation or tattoo machine is used.

The duration of treatment from design to completion eyebrows usually between an hour and a half or two hours. The duration of the pigment in the skin will to two years, recommending a review after one year.