What are eyelash extensions?

What are they? They are a vice, when you put them and you can not do without them ... Ahem, will focus and I explain what exactly XD.

Eyelash extensions , the latest obsession with regard to beauty in Hollywood, is an innovative way to extend and thicken your own lashes so semi-permanent.

HAIR EYEBROWS EXTENSIONS TO LOOK COMPLETELY NATURAL HAIR WHILE SPECTACULAR. No one will know you're wearing extensions only you will see spectacular eyes and what brand of mascara do you wonder to make it look so perfect pestanas2
You want to always wear a beautiful and perfect lashes, since you wake up until you go to bed? And the best of all, without rizarlas or make them up? It is no longer a dream ... The solution with eyelash extensions.
-They are not false eyelashes.
-They are not group tabs
-They are not strip tabs.
They are extensions in your own eyelashes! ie that are yours only longer, darker, Thicker.

They are very light and feel and look as if they were yours and maintenance will last indefinitely, until your own eyelash falls naturally. Eyelash extensions top quality, which they are those that use in La Rubia Tattoo, They are made of a hypoallergenic material, are individual lashes with a gentle undulation that mimics natural lashes.

The next image is a client, by images of models sometimes (although in this case they are very real) make us think that all is not gold that glitters, so I hang some clients. There goes the first!

In this photograph is not the before and after but I can assure you that the girl was in love with the result. Just see that looks ojazos.

YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE? Read on ... Process, care, designs, duration, prices etc ...


On each of your lashes, one to one, We put a longer tab, darker and thicker with a special medical grade adhesive. The once dry adhesive can not wet quietly and off easily, It is flexible and will not notice it's there. Eyelid skin is not touched, They stick one by one on each of your tabs.
The whole process takes between 1 hour and a half and two short hours, where you will relax with closed eyes and good music in a very comfortable couch while you put one by one all your gorgeous lashes. Both full eyes, not only the outer parts or means eyes, ALL PERFECT EYE FORMING A NEW RANGE OF TABS.

Eyelash extensionsa design appropriate to the shape of your eyes and your face becomes, not worth them all the same as seen often ... for nothing! nobody wants a chubby doll eyes, so different lengths and thicknesses tab so that your eyes remain perfect harmony and spectacular but used.
The fact that they put one to one makes you stay incredibly comfortable and wear the look without the disadvantages of a mask of pesatañas. Farewell to the raccoon effect in the middle of a dinner, no lumps, and always perfect 24 hour, You sleep and arise with them and not need anything else.