Here is a sample of our tattoos. Always we look for the best design based on your proposals. Whether you like the color as black and white images this is your study, We are artists and we like to work. always apply health standards so you're in good hands.

When you walk into our studio you become part of our project. We want to leave happy with the design that will help you find. Once concretized a tosdos the elements of your tattoo, we give budget and if you like, we will give appointment with the tattooist that best suits your needs. Our team is formed by true lovers of art, with demonstrable academic and technical training in possession of the title higieno mandatory health ajercer as tattooist. So you'll not only a design on your precious skin if not flawless hygienic quality.

Once completed your tattoo will remain part of our project that the healing process is an important part of the tattoo and are there to help. We'll give you the rules for better healing and the best recommendations will be submitted in writing on a flyer. And if all this is not enough, and you do not remember how to heal your tattoo and you've lost your flyer, you can find the info on our website 24h in the upper tabs in “healing” . You also have our tel and WhatsApp Tuesday to Saturday 662295146 to ask your questions.

You'll see how easy!

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