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Always we look at the books of tattoo artists who want to work in our study.

If you meet ALL these requirements:

  • impeccable standard drawing, IMPORTANT.
  • sanitary hygiene and vaccinations title.
  • Great capacity for work..
  • Experience working in a team.
  • Trustworthiness..
  • Good deal with the public.
  • Location close to our studio.
  • punctuality
  • Neatness both your work and your personal image.
  • Read and write properly (This includes having read all this tostón with interest and attention XD )
If you are interested in being our partner and meet all, we insist ALL, these requirements (Sorry to be so repellent but we have little time to look curriculums that do not conform to these parameters)… this is what you have to do :

Email us at:


With the following (exactly this,no more no less):
  • 5 photos of tattoos made for you of which you are very proud.
  • 5 lettering tattoos photos, of course also yours.
  • 5 photos of your artistic drawings.
(Unfiltered photos, please, if you want to put more hair on your recent photograph we do not care lol but photos of your work with nothing to distort the reality of the image).
  • Tu curriculum.
  • Contact details and your location.
  • A personal presentation of no more than 10 lines.
  • A recent photo.
All it stuck in the message body to properly display all the files and texts without having to resort to external links that make us lose a lot of time.
Other media will not be served for this purpose. It does not matter that give you the tantrum, the whatsapp, study visits, phone calls will not be served, let phone and free study for customers (no creeis?) They NOT APPLY other forms of contact for sending the documentation mentioned.
Please, Respect our work time and rest using the mail.
If we do not respond, put yourself in our place for a moment…100 tattooists daily messages, customers, suppliers etc are difficult to manage. So we will see the mails of the candidates gradually, calling and responding only to those who can be included in our team. However, in patients.
Good luck to tod @ s!
We hope to expand our team soon… With enthusiasm and desire to work, greetings!!!
The team of La Rubia Tattoo

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