Watch your eyelashes and make them grow

We seek to have every day the most beautiful eyelashes, Blonde Tattoo for it selected the perfect eyelashes serum after testing ourselves: Realash.
Why not use it?Eyelash extensions
It is an established fact too long ago, often, the new products are a joke, why we not try before you the offer to you. And I presented it because it works!

How does enhancer?

The growth phase of the tabs is approximately 30 days. Is too little time for thick and long lashes back.

Serum crecimiento de pestañas
Serum treatment 3 months 60 € (rate 2016)

Advanced Formula REALASH accelerates the natural growth of eyelashes and strengthens from the root. As a result the tabs become longer, more numerous and have a better look. The formula also prevents its fall REALASH. To tap the full enhancer I use it once a day after remove your makeup at night. Apply on the upper eyelid at the root of the eyelashes.

Thanks to its special formula and applicator brush easy to use, 3 ml. of serum it is enough to enjoy a beautiful eyelashes! More info on

We have it for sale in our study, Come find yours!