Tatúate in summer too!

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Photo: Viktor Hanacek

In spring everyone rushes to make an appointment to your tattooist / a before summer arrives And I wonder WHY?.

To all our customers explain to them the same… also I give them a linden and XD caramelito with love.

Let's analyze point by point the pros and cons and stop once and for all urban legends worthy of the nineteenth century.

Each season affects differently to a tattoo. In winter clothes and clutter must be careful that it does not touch the tattooed area and with little sweat and no need sunscreen because we are already covered. WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER?!Does the horror for many, the time “malignant” to get tattooed?.

Cuidados de tatuaje, cremas de curación. Antisépticas, cicatrizantes, calmantes y protectoras.
Care tattoo, creams healing. Antisépticas, healing, soothing and protective.

When you get a tattoo you just have to follow the hygienic precepts you dictate professional study, washing a number of times daily, keep it clean, put the specific cream of healing and ( THIS IS THE SAME AS WARM FOR SEASONS FRIAS, I REPEAT THE SAME!) not keep it long soak in the early days. Nor should we sweat in gyms and saunas, or in winter or in summer insist, about four days (there are discrepancies in the number of days). We think that is an erosion in the skin through which we have introduced pigment (color) to get those precious designs that decorate our skin lifetime and those 3 O 4 color early days encapsulated in the skin and are key to a good result. It is a superficial wound to be properly cure.


Advantages of the warm season:

  • Less clothes chafing avoiding the tattoo and thus also avoid possible infections.
  • Increased ventilation to accelerate healing.
  • It can sleep without blankets or quilts minimizing contact with tattoo.

Surely you've ever stumbled into summer and you've made some slight rash on the skin, a wound without depth, one scraped knees… stopped doing normal life? You've stopped going to the beach? you've covered you with and surely you've not kept soak in a couple or three days to heal. A tattoo is something like.

tattoo healing cream
Healing cream with sunscreen

The big question WHAT ABOUT THE SUN?

A tattoo must be protected from the sun always, equally which has moisturize if you will maintain optimal conditions for many years. We often forget this and once cured stop protect and hydrate. Disservice we do to our tattoo and mistreating. Not you, but I do not buy me a dress 60, 150 O 300 euros (or more) to throw a bucket with bleach. We do tattoos forward, sometimes feelings, ideology or pure hedonism, with effort, some pang and, Why not say?, They cost a few euros…IS IT WORTH OR NOT care for PENA?

In summer, during curing of the first days, It is as simple as applying a layer of high index sunscreen cream after healing. Currently there are creams healing that already incorporate this extra protection, excluding maintenance they are used throughout the year and give brightness and color depth while nourish and protect the passage of time.

And it is, there's no more. It's that simple. The skin clean and protected perfectly air cure.






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