The treatment involves the implantation pigments skin to improve various parts of the body, It is the most common:maquillaje permanente

In recent years, It is used increasingly more to the micropigmentación as a treatment to hide imperfections as scars and diseases that cause loss of skin pigmentation, as in the case of vitiligo or depigmentation of the skin.

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  • Enhance your natural color and shape.
  • corrects imperfections, scars, asymmetries and lack of color. What's less attractive than some pale lips or a depopulated eyebrows?
  • Your appearance will be careful and avoid having to touch up makeup.
  • You save time every morning to fix, both professional women who have limited time and need to be always perfect, who is just as demanding with his personal image.
  • Perfect for people with vision problems or little skill: profiled lips will no longer be an adventure.
  • Excellent for women with allergies to conventional makeup.
  • Wide range of colors for a flawless natural.
  • Paramedical techniques to service breast reconstruction and other surgical trauma camouflage improve your self-esteem, body image and mood

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